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If I were given a day to spend with anybody I want, I would spend my day with Steve Jobs. I admire Steve Jobs because he was a very unconventional businessman, for he did not even finish college and became very successful. Moreover, I think he was very colorful and innovate, for he took part in the production and execution of many creative projects. It is interesting and unusual that some prominent leading businessmen are not even college graduates. Steve Jobs is one of them, along side Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. However, lack of his education did not affect Steve Jobs’ progress in his career. I think one of most important qualities that made him successful was his open-mindedness to try new things and not stick to one industry, take risks and make friends from various backgrounds. His wide network can be seen in his involvement in different kinds of businesses. Even though he is mainly known as the most innovate leader (Co-founder, Chairman and CEO) at Apple, he was the co-founder and CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, served in the board of directors at the Walt Disney Company, and founder and CEO of NeXT Inc. a computer platform development company. His leading presence in these businesses reflects his ambition for perfection. Furthermore, the fact that he took part in the most ground-breaking accomplishments in the electronics and technology industry, such as the development of iMac, iTunes, iPhone and iPad, show that he always tried to bring innovation to people. If I had a chance to meet him, I would like to learn about the most important moments and decisions in his life: how he decided to drop out of college, what he thought about travelling around the world and learned about new religions and countries (even practicing Zen Buddhism), how hard was it to be enter the technology business world at the age of 16 and climb his way up, and finally,

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