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Should kids have a bed time? In my opinion Kids ages 5-16 years old should have a set time for bed. There are many reasons why kids should have at least 9 hours of bed time which I will explain. You ever heard your parent saying “GO to BED it’s a school night well they are actually right, for saying that. If you do not get enough sleep you will get dizzy for sleeping late and getting up early for school the next day, you would also have a bedtime cause if you sleep late every single night you would get used to the fact that you are going to sleep late again and again. For example Kids should have a bedtime if a child is used to staying in front of a television or a computer till later hours. In his adult life he or she won’t be able to fall asleep when going to bed earlier. It is complicated to revise this process and the fact that not going to bed early could cause dizziness for getting up early the day after when school begins says Another Example Kids should have a bedtime is because when children don’t go to sleep early children will not have a full energy for school or other activities they cannot properly attend the activities to do for the day they would no be able to show their real energy, actually if you want your child to have a better energy says and Hanna’s brain. However Kids should sleep late to study more and to do more stuff in their mind like help mom on lots of things cooking, cleaning and most importantly check your homework before you go to sleep and to read a book maybe since reading a book always makes me fall asleep. This makes me realize that bedtime for younger kids can be very important to your body to stay strong and be more healthier kids my ages always should go to sleep on 9:00 pm or 9:30

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