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“This book stands tall, high above all enemies, and we call it ‘The Bible’.” This quote, describes in a few words, Pastor Steve Braynon’s thoughts of the Great Book. Not everyone shares the same beliefs as Mr. Braynon. The Bible is a very controversial book. People often wonder if it’s based on facts or if it’s made up. Real or not, the Word of God still has a past. The history of the Bible is very unique and interesting, in fact, we use it to relate to science everyday. When we speak of “the Bible,” we speak of a collection of books. The earliest of these existed in oral form long before they were written down, but attained in a written form many centuries before the birth of “Our Lord”. The Old Testament, was written over a period…show more content…
In comparison, the Bible actually says, in Isaiah, “He (God) sits enthroned above the circle of the earth and its people are like grasshoppers” (Gipp). The roundness of the earth is a viewpoint from space that no mere man had in 760 BC when those words were written. In addition, it had long been thought by generations of scientists that birds of pray located their prey by means of an acute sense of smell, however it have since then been discovered that such birds have a very poor sense of smell. In fact, ornithologists have determined that such birds have remarkable vision capabilities (Gipp). The study of this only began after one scientist read the book of Job which says that “the eagle looks down from an inaccessible cliff, and spies out its prey from afar”. These are two of many ways the Bible is related to science. In conclusion, the bible will always be a controversial issue. There will always be theories for and against the “actuality” of the Bible. The Bible is studied by many people every week. On the other hand, it’s criticized by people every week as well. Whether the information
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