Sterotyping in Society Essay

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Stereotyping in Society Studies show that both genders are socialized to judge their bodies according to a standard by the media and society. The media is changing many people’s lives. It is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Stereotypes are found everywhere. Though our world seems to be improving in many ways it seems almost impossible to get away from stereotypes. The media causes Americans to stereotype each other based on race, sex, and physical appearance. To begin with, society encourages women to see themselves as objects. “According to experts, 90% of females felt that the opposite sex compared them to celebrities”(CNN). Influence from mass media on the standards for the female body has become extremely thin. Men do feel pressured to be physically big, strength, and have the ability to use violence if necessary to gain power. Often the person who is on the cover of sports magazines it is an aggressive male celebrity such as football player or an extremely fit actor. Furthermore, it is no surprise that many teens and women have unrealistic expectations about appearance. The focus of perfection may lead to extreme measures such as eating disorders, drug use to lose weight or steroids to strengthen or improve their body image. Other teens just feel stressed trying to keep up with the prettiest, thinnest, or most fashionable kids at school. According to John Dovidio a professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut, even those of us who believe that we don't stereotype do. "We categorize people automatically, unconsciously, immediately, based on a person's race and based on a person's sex"(ABC News). Women and teens have often been seen as less dominate than men. They are not as smart as men. They are not safe drivers. They are weaker. All of these negative stereotypes degrade a their identity and pride. In further analysis media has divided

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