Steroids Are On The Loose

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Steroids Are On The Loose My persuasive essay is about stopping the use of steroids. I think steroids are a terrible thing for your body. They can shut down your major organs in your body. It is very unhealthy and can kill you. One of the main things is to stop the use of steroids. In professional sports a lot of people use steroids to get better and stronger. Almost all of the professional athletes have failed the drug test for steroids. Barry Bonds, the Giants home run hitting machine, was caught using the drug and a lot of people doubt his athletic abilities now. The second main reason that people should stop using steroids is, because it can kill them. There are many ways steroids can kill you. Steroids can cause liver failure, high blood pressure, cancer, strokes caused by blood clots and most of all major heart attacks. The reason people have heart attacks from steroid use is because it makes your blood to thick to pump through your heart, causing your heart to work much harder than normal, and then causing the person to have a heart attack. The third main reason that people should not use steroids is because it causes many other health problems in their life. (That’s if the steroids don’t kill you first.) Steroids can cause depression, hostility and aggression towards other people, eating disorders, stunted growth in young people, unwanted body hair, acne and the risk of HIV, hepatitis B and C, if you are using a needle to shoot the steroids into your veins. Steroids also can make your muscle tissue weak. When people take steroids their muscles get used to it, and then if they stop, their muscles get very weak. It’s extremely bad for your muscles. The opposing view is arguing because they think the government should not have the right to tell them how to treat their own bodies. They believe that steroid use should be

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