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Steroids in Sports When you hear about Barry Bonds’ hitting his record setting 762nd home run do you look at it as an astonishing achievement, or a horrid act of cheating in a sport in which America have grown to love over the years? Barry Bonds paved his way into the home run hitting world when he allegedly started using anabolic steroids, enhancing his size and power. Many people believe that what Barry Bonds did was wrong and disgraceful to all of those who came before him. Tom Verducci, the author of the article Hard Number, is extremely bias towards Bonds and strongly believes the accomplishments he made while using steroids should be removed from record books. When looked at as a whole, the growing problem of steroids in sports…show more content…
Verducci makes a strong statement in his article when he states, “Steroids did to baseball what Watergate did to the presidency.” This statement shows that he strongly disagrees with steroids. Verducci also states that, “They ended what had been an organic trust in the institution, and there is no going back.” By stating this, Thomas Verducci makes it known that he feels baseball has been changed due to the use of steroids for eternity. Records were made by people devoting their lives to become the best they possibly could, not by injecting themselves with, “phony substances,” to cheat their way to the top. In the article, Verducci quotes a professional baseball player who agrees with the ways he thinks. Cory Lidle, a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, states, “I don’t think it’s legitimate.” Lidle made this statement to a Philadelphia Daily News writer. He doesn’t believe that Bonds record setting 73 home runs in one season, and 762 career home runs are legit because of his almost definite steroid…show more content…
The statements he has made towards this professional athlete are based on alleged allegations of steroid use. However, it has yet to be proven that Barry Bonds has taken any form of steroids. Although it may be true that he has committed acts of perjury, it does not prove in any way that he has taken performance enhancing drugs. I do not agree with the use of steroids in sports. However, I believe that if someone is going to be stripped of their records entirely, there needs to be solid evidence to do

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