Steroids in Sports Essay

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As we all know today Steroids and Human Growth Hormones are having a large impact on sports and the media. In sports, steroids have been used since the 1952 Olympics. Steroid use was first discovered in the 1952 Olympics when the soviets dominated the weight lift competition in all of its classes. People were astounded and curious about how it was possible and eventually the Soviet team doctor admitted that he gave the team steroids. In the summer of 2003 the USADA received an unknown clear liquid which later turned out to be Tetrahydrogestrinone. Tetrahydrogestrinone is an undetectable steroid used by top athletes and this sparked the steroid era in baseball. According to the media steroids are a problem that is increasing in all high school and professional sports, the sport that seems to stir up the most controversy is baseball. The MLB (Major League Baseball) was the last major sports organization to implement a drug policy which is ironic because it seems that baseball has the most problems with this issue. Every day it seems like there is something in the news about a baseball player either getting caught or admitting to steroid use. It was started when Mark McGwire was chasing the homerun record and he got caught with a bottle of the nutritional supplement androstendione, which is a prohormone that coverts to testosterone once it’s in the body. McGwire did break the record for homeruns in a single season but his use of steroids made his accomplishment irrelevant. In fact according to Ken Caminiti a former all-star revealed that as many as half of all MLB players were using steroids which caused frenzy among the media. After this all broke out 85% of all professional baseball players admitted to using steroids. The current issues today are that the records that are being broken whether in-fact they should be considered legitimate and if not should they be

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