Steroids In Major League Baseball Essay

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There comes a time in everyone’s lives when one must choose to lie or to tell the truth in a very crucial situation. It is during these decisive times that the truth might not always be the best way to go, for a lie might just be essential and the best way out. But don’t get confused the truth is morally the best value to live by but in some circumstances lying is superior to telling the truth. With this I qualify that “the truth’s always better” than lying. One issue that seems to be very dominant in our world today is the use of steroids in major league baseball. Steroid use has been present in the sporting world for a long time now, and it seems that the MLB has been tormented the most by it. Furthermore, this year hasn’t been freed of this curse as Alex Rodriquez was revealed to have taken steroids back in 2003. With the truth surfacing, A-Rod started to feel the burn for he had lied about ever taking steroids a couple years ago. I believe if Alex had came out and told us the truth when he actually took these steroids, it would not have been so bad and the baseball world would have gotten over what happened a long time ago. Unfortunately he thought that he could take them and that his darkness wouldn’t come to light. Once again the baseball world was devastated as one of their most prominent baseball stars, and the proclaimed heir to the homerun…show more content…
Jones who was the founder of the Peoples Temple, had convinced over 900 people from his congregation to follow him to Guyana, while in Guyana he tricked them into believing that he was just providing them with some refreshments but instead he was actually poisoning every single one of them after he attempting to make them commit suicide. I believe this was one of the most hideous acts in American history and many lives were lost for no reason. Then again people shouldn’t be so gullible and

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