Steroids Greatly Misunderstood Essay

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Steroids, Greatly Misunderstood It’s not your typical everyday conversation between you, friends, and family but when the subject of steroid use is brought up immediately everyone thinks of oversized muscle heads suffering from either “roid-rage“ or suicidal tendencies. In actuality these are extreme cases that get extra hype and publicity because of the few but intense incidents that the media focus their attention on. This skeptic view created by the news stations across our nation has tarnished the use of steroids and the benefits they bring with an image of drug dealers and deformed body builders. How dangerous are steroids? Anabolic steroids are essentially extremely safe and greatly beneficial for numerous health complications. If steroids…show more content…
There are numerous, beneficial uses for steroids in the field of medicine. Their purpose is not to create a lean body with a one digit body fat percentage, but to better the lives from premature children to aging grandparents and every age in between (Rehan). It’s especially valuable for cancer, HIV, and motor vehicle victims. In most of these cases because of operations and treatment, the patients lose weight and muscle definition. The loss of these can lead to problems when it comes to walking and other use of motor functions. The use of steroids helps the recovery process tremendously and in some cases it would be nearly impossible to obtain such magnificent results without the use of steroids as part of the treatment. In other cases such as severally burnt victims’ only hope at recuperating damaged or lost muscle is to first have a muscle transplant, were fibers are removed from either one of the patients’ thigh or other large muscle, and then followed by the recuperation process were the use of steroids makes the splitting and growth of the muscle fibers immensely faster

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