Steroids And The Hall Of Fame Essay

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Mark Meier Professor Zade Argumentative Paper Monday October 29, 2012 Steroids and the Hall of Fame The game of baseball is called by many as Americas pastime. A lot of the major league players felt a lot of pressure from themselves, and critics to be the best. This is what ultimately led to the steroid era in the game of baseball. Players wanted to have the ultimate edge in their sport. Players wanted to break records, win championships, and eventually get into the hall of fame.This leads to the question about whether of not players who have been caught or suspected of using a banned substance, do they deserve a spot in the hall of fame. Players that have been accused, or caught using performance enhancing drugs should be allowed into the hall of fame because baseball has never been pure, players are cheating in other ways, and some of the greatest players to play the game aren’t in the hall of fame because of performance enhancing drugs. One argument is that the game of baseball has never been pure anyways. Players have always been trying to gain a competitive since…show more content…
Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are two of the names that were the most dominant players during this era. So many players during this period were using PEDs and they still dominated. The Hall of Fame voters don’t vote on statistics, they vote on the dominance against the other players. Players like Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa are both admitted PED users. McGwire was the most feared hitter during his era, and broke records during his time. McGwire and Sosa both dominated during the steroid era and many say they deserve a shot because everyone else was cheating also. Barry Bonds was arguably already a Hall of before he even started taking steroids. He had three NL MVP awards, and was in a lot of All Star games. He is the all time home run leader, how can we leave him out of the Hall of

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