Steroids: A Drug That Shaped The Modern World

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Ryan Greene English 2 05-02-08 Steroids are a drug that shaped the modern sorts landscape. Steroids, also known as roids, juice, and gear are being used by pro and amateur athletes everywhere. This illegal drug has immense muscle building power; steroids are bad for sports for many reasons. Firstly steroids are illegal in America. Steroids unlike street drugs like cocaine heroine have bona fide medical uses but they are outlawed if not prescribed. Possession of steroids is punishable by imprisonment and a fine. If steroids are treated and outlawed the same way crack and heroine is, it must be a very dangerous drug. (Liptak N.Y. Times) What is more alarming is the physical damage it does to your body. There are many side effects that go along with the use of steroids. Steroids force the brain into unnatural hormone functions, they range from subtle things like acne, and vision problems to irreversible changes to the body…show more content…
It’s a way to gain an advantage in a competitive sport. Imagine if you were running a marathon and one of the runners hitched a ride half way through the race, while you were still chugging it out that’s cheating right!….well imagine if it was you that hitched a ride and ended up winning the race. How could you even feel proud about accepting your prize, knowing that you cheated? There are several arguments that support the use of steroids in sports, specifically baseball. Players that have been caught using steroids said that they did it to prolong their careers, keep up with the competition and essentially feed their family. These arguments sound more like selfish excuses to me. If you can’t keep up with the competition you should work harder or retire. Don’t take the easy way out and
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