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steroids Essay

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Steroid use is becoming more common in today‚Äôs society.   With it being used by professional athletes more people are hearing and learning about them.   This has also played a part in the use of steroids in colleges and high schools.   Although the government has put a ban on steroids they are still able to be purchased and used illegally.   Steroids should be outlawed though because of the lack of knowledge of the substances, the effects and dangers of steroids and the cultural stress it can play in sports.
Steroids come in play in many ways but the most common use of these drugs is in sports.   Athletes want to gain the edge over the other player.   What is hurting players or users the most is the lack of knowledge about the substances they might be taking.   For example, anabolic steroids can destroy your kidneys, liver, and stomach.   Steroids cannot improve your agility as an athlete.   This takes hard work and practice.   Steroids cause athletes to gain muscle mass not athletic ability.   Steroids can cause you to have mood swings and even come to the point of wanting to kill yourself.   For people with inexperience with these drugs dramatic changes could take place.   These changes could be good or bad.   Steroids can also be misleading to the young person or even the older person who decide to take them.   As a result of this more and more people are having to go to the hospital do to the side effects from the misuse of steroids and not knowing the side affects of the drug they use.  
                                    Effects and Dangers
Some effects and dangers that come along with the use of anabolic steroids are liver damage, premature coronary artery disease, heart disease, and the development of bone, muscle, skin, and hair.   Steroid affects vary in people for example, in men it causes an increase in sex drive but the interest drops.   The body slows down production of testosterone and could even stop making it.   It may cause a feminizing affect, larger breast,...

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