Steriods In High School Essay

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High School Steroid Testing Each year more young high school athletes are experimenting with the drug to enhance their performance without putting out much work. For example a man by the name of James Richards that lives in Sudan took steroids hastily his senior year. During his senior year they helped him become stronger and more athletic, but it almost destroyed him when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 19. Steroid testing should be implemented in school because steroids have ruined sports, harmed many people’s health, and made it harder for those that do play by the rules. Steroids deny fans of seeing sports as they were intended. Athletes who are naturally faster, stronger and more resilient than the rest of the athletes are being overlooked by professional coaching staffs because those on steroids look more in shape. According to Daniel Kinsman, he states, “As far as I'm concerned all sports are ruined because of steroids and people should not pay to see any of today’s pro athletes.” Many people believe that the game of football was forever changed when steroids became a factor. There are many instances which have helped to change more people’s outlooks on not only professional sports, but college and high school sports as well. Steroids in high school sports have become a problem that has grown every year and is making a big change in sports such as football, basketball, track, baseball, and many more sports. High school athletes are starting to experiment with the drug much more than in the past, and it is really starting to change the face of sports. All across the nation, high school athletes have worked hard to develop their natural talents. It is so unfair for these honest, hard working student athletes to have scholarship money not offered and a chance to play at a college or university is taken away by someone who has taken

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