Stereotyping in Reality Tv Essay

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Today’s top entertainment as far as media goes is television. Viewers choose to watch reality television over any other programming because it’s filled with much controversy and stereotyping. People don’t necessarily watch the programming because of the stereotyping, but because it’s entertaining all the time. Some stereotypes go back to a color issue of black and white. They are based on white females, black females, and black males. Within theses TV shows racial stereotypes perpetuate the way one’s character is portrayed while others feel differently about the subject. Have you ever wondered how the producers go about choosing people for these reality shows? Pay close attention to the way the plots seem to always go as planned and there is more drama added to the situation than what there would normally be. The producers change some of the techniques of editing to portray the stories they want to tell, but they provide much more juicy and exciting concepts to tell from the want to be famous (Lowry, p. 16). Once the producers determine what they want to happen during the reality shows, then the stereotypes are transformed and the producers are ready to start castings. The producers now see that the exaggerated behavior usually pays off in the max exposure. Reality shows may come and go, but these certain stereotypes of the white female have always seemed to endure. “The Gold Digger” is the one that is focused on marriage, love, and finding a mate that is gorgeous and will be there financially. Sarah Flocken, editor of Ditz Magazine, mentioned “romance and cash are often directly associated in reality TV.” That is very much true being that you have shows that gives it away in the title that women cast are in relation to being “The Gold Digger,” for example, “For the Love of Ray J,” “Joe Millionaire,” and “The Bachelor.” Next you have “The Insecure Attention

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