Stereotypical Behavior Essay

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Stereotypical Behavior Every day we pass judgments of people with no knowledge of who they are or what they stand for. We’re able to make these initial judgments because of stereotypes. There are numerous ways to describe a stereotype. Stereotypes cause people draw conclusions about others before really getting to know them. They paint pictures of people and form your identity in many ways. Stereotypes form our identity by molding an image into the minds of others. Stereotypes compel people to make the decisions they do and define a generalization of a group. Our identity is formed by the judgments others pass about us, as well as the assessments we create ourselves. A stereotype is associated with a group of people; for instance, college students. There are so many ways to judge who a college student is, or what this student does. From movies, books, media, and word of mouth, many different stereotypes are formed for such people. Based on just the words and prior knowledge, we associate the student with campus activities including classes, football games, study groups, sororities and fraternities. This group gets words tied to it that catalog experiences in day to day life that may be unique for this group compared to others. When we think of a college student, a 32 year old man isn’t what first comes to mind. The age associated with the typical college student is between 18 and 24. We have categorized this group of people to such restraints that when we do see that man twice our age sitting in the same class, we are caught off guard. Because the stereotypical college student reaches the age of legal consumption of alcohol in his or her college years, we associate college life with late nights, parties, and alcohol. By just two words, college student, we feel like we already know the person. We have a student who attends classes during the day, footballs games

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