Stereotypes “a Point of View”

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Stereotypes “a point of view” Marcus Williamson PHI 103 Todd Hughes 23 April, 2012 1. Introduction Lasting and negative impacts of stereotyping is presumptuously a belief held by the public and certain social groups or individuals. Unfortunately stereotypes are often confused with prejudices. A stereotype in principle comes from preexisting assumptions created about people of specific cultures or races. Furthermore, nearly every society or race has a stereotype, including Christian people, Latin people, African American people, Irish people, and Polish people, just to name a few. Experts discuss that stereotypes are not just focused on different races and backgrounds but also on gender stereotypes that also exist. For example, if you say that women are better than men, you’re stereotyping all women are better than men. If you say that all women are housewives, you are stereotyping women. Another interesting consideration is sexual orientation stereotypes. These stereotypes happen when you have negative views on homosexuals, lesbians and transgender people. People who have these negative views are often known as homophobic. Stereotyping is wrong and hurts people. Interestingly enough, if the stereotype is correct in some cases, it can disrupt people’s lives with preconceived perceptions that can halt their success. 2. (A). Experiencing stereotyping and the negative lasting impact are unpleasant and upsetting to say the least. I have served many years in the United States Army and from my beginnings as a young African American Private to Sergeant First Class preconceived notions from others has overshadowed many of my accomplishments. As a supervisor, I must contend with certain assumptions that since I am a black supervisor I should be able to relate to black subordinates thus motivating and inspiring them to

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