Stereotypes In Society

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Sterotypes in Society Among today’s society so many stereotypes occur every day. People judge others based on the visual representation they see and sometimes even make accusations based on these judgments. It’s wrong and shouldn’t be encouraged. This statement is true no matter how some in society wants to see it as false. It happens and I believe that people should not be judged based on their qualities. Some people might think we live in a society where stereotyping is deceased to a minimum, as far as addressing them goes. However, gender stereotypes, racism stereotypes, and sometimes discrimination stereotypes towards people have been acknowledged, they have tried to be dealt with and tried to be handled but it’s inevitable. Sure some might think we live in a society where this doesn’t happen, but the fact of the matter is its not, and it needs to be realized. Some think you can accept people regardless of race or gender. Accepting a person who just chooses to dress or look different shouldn’t be that hard. However, some have found, this is not the case. Stereotypical discrimination towards anyone, especially the ones who chose to look differently, is a big issue. It is a big problem that goes most of the time un-addressed and it’s sad. There are a lot of stereotypes and constantly people are judging others, just by a quick up and down look of a person. People who dress differently, with black clothes and black make-up and tons of piercings aren’t judged as “normal” people, they are negatively stereotyped as a hardcore “druggie” maybe or a depressed emo that slits their wrists because of emotional depression, and this isn’t fair, Especially to that person, they are automatically judged just by the way they look and this isn’t right at all. Then there are the police, most likely the biggest stereotypers out there, but then again, in a way they
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