Stereotypes Of A Single Mother

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-1Shanda Brown Ms. Sybil Priebe Stereotype Essay- English 110 13 Sept. 09 Lazy single mom? No way! I am not married, I am 23 years old and I have a child. My daughter and I live in an apartment and while I work she goes to daycare. Some people tend to look at me funny for raising a child alone, yet others give me credit. I lost a lot of my ‘friends’ after having a child, because I was not able to go out and do a lot of social activities anymore. At least I now know who my true friends are. It also seems harder to form a relationship with a guy. They tend to say the same thing, that they aren’t ready for this kind of life and to take on the responsibility of a child. “Single families today are seen as problem families, underclass, broken, deviant, and most importantly, the death of the real family” (Jones, Para. 5). If this is the case, then there must be millions of ‘broken’ homes in the world. I believe people expect me, a single mother, to be poor and lazy. They probably think I am raising my child off government help. People may look down at me for having a child out of wedlock or think I have bad judgment for choosing to be a single mother. According to former Republican Vice President Dan Quayle, if a woman chooses to raise a child alone, she is “immoral and irresponsible” (Jones, Para. 10). Claims have also been made that, “Unwed single moms produce children who are more likely to commit crimes, do bad in school, and have emotional/behavioral problems” (Jones, Para. 2). When it comes to relationships, many men believe a single mother comes with a lot of baggage, which may be true in some cases, but not in every one. Single mothers who are good looking are considered to be MILFS, which is kind of degrading. In my opinion, most single mothers are looking for someone to spend time

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