Stereotypes in lord of war

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Stereotypes in The Lord of War In The Lord of War, stereotypes are present throughout the entire movie. If there wouldn't have been stereotypes in this motion picture, we would have had more trouble relating to the life of Yuri Orlov. Consequently, the values and the morals of this movie would have had a smaller emotional impact on the viewers. In this analyse, I will demonstrate two of these stereotypes evocated in The Lord of War. First of all, the narration at the beginning of the movie makes it easy for us to see that Yuri’s family is a good example of a Ukrainian family stereotype. The Orlov family left Ukraine to escape the Soviet Union (like many Ukraine families) and immigrated in the 1980s in Little Odessa, New York. The fact that they didn’t have a lot of money and that Yuri wanted to be rich, brings another stereotype to this movie: Most of the stereotyped immigrants that come from Europe, want to have the American way of life. Yuri would do anything to become rich. Since it was the Cold War and that there was other fights in the world, Yuri came to conclusion that it would be a profitable investment for him to join the gun trade industry. The second most important stereotype, was the self declared president Andre Baptiste. When there are conflicts in Africa, there is always someone behind them. Dictators of African conflicts are always mean and relentless of what they tend to do to other African people. In the movie, Andre Baptist is a good example of an African dictator stereotype. He only cares about his son and his money. When Andre says : << They call me the Lord of War... >> , Yuri corrects him and says: << The war lord. >>. With that correction, Andre looks at Yuri and says to him that he prefers his way. That comment shows that Andre only cares about himself. African dictators don’t care about what is happening outside of their home. When
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