Stereotypes In The Rez

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What does Junior learn throughout the text? Junior learns a lot of things about life throughout the text. The most important things Junior learns are you can get places in a white school and everyone at the Rez turn out the same, but Junior learns that he can break that stereotype. White schools give students a lot of options for the future, at the Rez Arnold only has three options. Get a crappy job, be a drunk, and gamble. Arnold was a bright kid so his teachers at the Rez told him to take advantage and go to a school where he could make something out of his life. A lot of people hated on him for going to a white school even his best friend Rowdy hated him. Also most people looked up to him because he did something no one else had done…show more content…
Most people that stay at the Rez die at a young age and not from natural causes because of the way they act and live, overdosing, fighting and being unhealthy, even though it’s hard to be healthy in the Rez because everyone gets only a minimum amount of food which is usually take away. Fights always take place in the Rez because it’s the only form of protection the children have. Junior learns that it is possible to break the stereotype of the Rez (being drunk, gambling, being unhealthy and dying at a young age). Junior goes to a white school 20kms out of the Rez and makes white friends and actually becomes very popular, even though his sister and grandma die he survives. Junior doesn’t just leave it at surviving he becomes a hero for Indians whom wanted to leave the Rez but were never man enough to stand up for themselves and not care about what others think. Peer pressure is a huge factor in stereotyping and Junior passes the peer pressure and leaves. Junior learns a lot of things, white schools get you places, the Rez is stereotypical and you can break the stereotype. Diary of a part time Indian shows people a young person can learn a lot about life in a short period of

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