Stereotypes In Los Vendidos

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Heritage: To be or not to be In Luiz Valdez’s short drama “Los Vendidos,” the author raises the issue of racism and heritage. Why are Mexican people stereotyped in American? How did they inherit the label of lazy or unintelligent? Why are they perceived as second class citizens? How can we get pass the misconception? To be successful in America do you have to be more “American”? Valdez uses comedy to lighten the message but the impact is still relevant. By using four Mexican characters in the play, Valdez tries to address all the stereotypes and misconceptions. Should Mexican-American relinquish their heritage to succeed in America? The first character many envision when they hear the word Mexican is the farmworker. The farmworker is viewed as the most characteristic of the Mexican culture. This farmworker is described as a cheap worker and do not speak English. They are known as the travelling workers because they come to the United States once a year during the planting season. The farmworkers eat traditional foods such as beans, tortillas and chile. The farmworker stereotype speaks no English he would be classified as uneducated and categorized as a second class citizen. The farmworker would not seem ideal for the work standards in America. The second…show more content…
He is the movie image of a Mexican…more like Zorro. As Sancho describes “He ride horse, stays in the mountains, crosses deserts, plains, rivers, leads revolutions, follows revolutions, kills, can be killed serves as a martyr, hero, movie star.....(Valdez, 215)”. Women lust over view the Revolucionario because he is smooth and romantic. This type of Mexican stereotype is sorely outdated and only an image found on the big screen. The Revolucionario is an incorrect racial description that Mexicans can find unacceptable and damaging to their culture. Mexicans deserves to be taken seriously as productive workers and contribute to this country as any other

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