Stereotypes In Funny Business By Paige Albiniak

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Two and ½ Laughs I am sure that almost everyone has seen “Two and ½ Men”. The nightly sitcom seems to have rocketed to the top of the TV charts at an ungodly rate. So many people wonder why some sitcoms “make it” and others don’t quite make the list, in my opinion there are a few determining factors that make a show an “it” show. One of those factors is the cast of characters. The next one of these “it” factors is that the sitcoms do not emotionally involve the audience as though a drama would. Yet another factor is the normalcy of the script. The scripts make fun of the normal everyday happenings that go on in everyone’s lives. The humor comes from the characters' reactions to mundane things like changing barbers or waiting in line for a movie. The characters are people with whom audiences can relate, too. They're smart and stupid at the same time, just like real people. When it comes to the cast, the characters have to be inherently human and act like it. They are loveable,…show more content…
As Romano, Allison, and Paige Albiniak say in their article “Funny Business” “It's what the people in those situations say and do that's funny. Or not. It's the talent of the writers and actors that make it work.” The people that are chose for the roles in sitcoms make or break the show. As viewers today we want characters that grow and evolve with the show. The cast has to make their characters their own; transform it from some writer’s imagination of a person into a real person with a personality and opinions. Art imitates life, and conflict creates humor. You can not have either with a fake character. “‘Writers need to come up with stuff that's relatable and funny,’ says Mike Sikowitz, an executive producer and co-writer with Jeff Astrof on Carsey-Werner-Mandabach's Grounded for

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