Stereoisomerism Essay

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Stereoisomerism deals with isomers with the same molecular formula, but different three-dimensional structures. Stereoisomers also have the same atom-to-atom bonding sequence (352). Starch and Cellulose is a good example of biomolecules, which are classified as stereoisomers. Starch and cellulose fall into the category of stereoisomers because they have the same molecular formula, but different three-dimensional structures (352). The drug thalidomide was originally used to help morning sickness for pregnant women. Enantiomers consist of a chiral molecule and its nonsuperimposable, mirror-image molecule (352). An example of enantiomers is a person’s left hand and the mirror image of their right hand, or vice versa. Thalidomide consists of two enantiomers, one that was successful for treating morning sickness and the other enantiomer that is considered a teratogen. A teratogen is the cause for malformation of an embryo (353). Children were being born in Europe and Great Britain with birth defects. This thalidomide drug did not affect women in the U.S. because it was not allowed to cross the border. Today, drugs are being scanned and tested more thoroughly to prevent this tragedy from happening again (353). One drug sold on the market today exists as two different stereoisomers. Ibuprofen is used as a pain reliever, and it is found in Advil, Motrin, and Nuprin. (356). The D-isomer of ibuprofen is the pain reliever and the L-isomer is inactive. In the human body, the L-ibuprofen is converted to D-ibuprofen (356). Works Cited Joesten, Melvin D., John L. Hogg, and Mary E. Castellion. World of Chemistry: Essentials. Australia: Thomson Brooks/Cole,

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