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NAME: Bethany Poppe Stereochemistry Lab Answer Sheet Answer all questions with complete responses in the Stereochemistry Lab Answer Sheet. Submit your completed Stereochemistry Lab Answer Sheet to your instructor via Blackboard. Activity II Questions 1. Construct a model of propane. Draw the structure below. Is the molecule flat? What are the bond angles between carbon and hydrogen? [pic]The model isn’t flat due to the hydrogens that are attached to the carbons in the molecule. Since propane is made up of 3 carbon atoms it has no single central bond that is present in the molecule. C3H8 is a linear molecule because of it not having that central atom to change the molecule angle. Being that the molecule is linear its angle bonds are 180 degrees. 2. Line angle drawings are organic chemists’ shorthand for depicting chains of atoms. The ends of the lines are –CH3 groups, while the vertices along the chain are –CH2 groups. For instance, the molecule below is 2-methylnonane, C10H22: [pic] Is the line angle drawing of C10H22 below an isomer or conformer of the one above? [pic] -It is a conformer not an isomer, since the molecular formula is the same and there is no rearrangement of the atoms. Activity III Questions Name these compounds: [pic] Compound A: Trans-2-Pentene Compound B: Cis-2-Pentene Provide a proper name for the compound below: 1. 1,2-Dimethylcyclobutane [pic] 2. Can this molecule be named as cis or trans? [pic] The molecule would be named cis because both of the hydrogens are on the same side of the double bond. 3. Draw the structure of trans-3-hexene in the space below. [pic] [pic] Activity V Questions 1. Enantiomers are mirror images of each other. Identical molecules are mirror images of one another also. Therefore are identical

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