Stereo Typing Of Native Americons Essay

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I was born in Cambridge, England where I lived with my loving parents, an older brother by fourteen years and an older sister by six years. We did not have a lot of money and my mother worked three jobs and my father worked two. We grew our own vegetables and raised chickens we always had plenty to do never a dull moment! When I was four my parents found out that I was deaf in one ear and after three surgeries I attended Orwell primary school then at age eleven I entered Bassingborn Village Collage (High school) and graduated at age fifteen. When in high school I worked as a silver service waitress at Kings Collage Cambridge in the evenings. In the summers I worked at a holiday camp for children with special and emotional needs. After I graduated I went to work full time for Zales Jewelers in Cambridge. This is where my travels began, France, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and the United States. By the time I was twenty I was the assistant manager for Zales. I met my husband Larry and at age twenty three we were married in England in 1984. I moved from my mother’s house in Cambridge and lived with my husband at R.A.F. Lakenheath were he was stationed. I became a stepmother to two children Larry Jr age thirteen and Danielle age four. One year later I left England and all my family behind as my husband got stationed to Edwards A.F.B. I traded green countryside for dry desert. I hated it and cried for about six months. Then Gods plan kicked in, yes he did have a plan for me and lead me down the right path. I enrolled at Cerro Cosso Collage and earned my U.S. high school diploma; from there I went to A.V.College and earned all my general education credits. In 1987 we moved from base housing to Mojave, and I was blessed with a son Daniel who is now a sophomore at Lancaster High School. In 1990 I went back to AVC to earn my Early Childhood Education

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