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When I was typical and small village boy, I vividly remembered the existence of a forest at the edge of my village. The villagers used to enter the forest to find herbs or hunting for deer while I, like other children, usually entered the forest to find the bamboo stick to make a kite. Now the lush and untouched forest has disappeared, gone into the thin air instead I sensed the presence of cement made forest of low flat houses, emerging. This make me sad because I take the forest as a treasure that should be guarded and my village failed. This forest depletion is happening throughout the globe at an alarming rate. Trees are being cut down, cleared without control which affects the world’s ecosystem. There are two effective methods of overcoming this forest depletion which is caused by illegal logging, uncontrolled logging and unstrained development. The first way is by doing reforestation or replanting plants that had been cut down. By implementing this method a tree that has been cut down is replaced by a new plant that will soon grow and form a forest again. This method is should be a must-clod-activities by legal logging company to avoid forest depletion. In fact this method benefit both the ecosystem and logging company. Other than balancing the natural’s ecosystem that has existed, it also help to minimize the effect of the logging activities and in a long term the logging company will have a new valuable tree to log in a few years to come. The second technique is by creating more forest sanctuary or permanent forest reserved. As we all know, when a forest is made as a sanctuary it will be well guarded and taken care which a sanctuary forest will always remain like it look likes before.The sanctuary is usually being managed by the government. By creating more sanctuary we can actually halt the activities of the illegal logging and uncontrolled logging
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