Stephen King Analysis

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tephen King Elements in Storytelling The Dark Tower: Themes - Strange/Unconventional Characters Roland the Gunslinger : A mix between Dirty Harry and a crusader, the last of a group of warriors. Eddie Dean : A drug addict who is met by Roland and changed into an ally. Sort of a typical guy I guess Susan Dean : Unrelated to Eddie. A black paraplegic who Roland also meets, and is an ally. She has a racist frame of mind against Eddie (he's white) Jake : A young boy who has some paranormal psychic ability. - Detective Themes The characters in Stephen King;'s works are always very intelligent, and figure out situations intelligently. Slower characters are often minor heroes or villains. Issues Raised In Dark Tower: THe Paranormal - Psychic abilities, sorts of magic and a multiverse are prevalent in the Dark Tower Series Outsiders relating : All of the main characters are not normal people, they've had troubled upbringings and weren't "popular" in youth Everythings Eventual: Themes -Strange/unconventional characters: Dinky Earnshaw: The main character, who has an unexplainable job. He has some sort of paranormal/psychic ability, which is a recurring theme in Stephen King's books. He is also an outsider, who was unpopular at highschool due to a hard upbringing. In this case his parents weren't around for him and he had to deal with his own troubles. - The Paranormal Dinky has paranormal abilities, which is a large component of the story, as it relates to the job he has which is almost the main part. Also included is a Mr Sharpton who seems to know things he shouldnt, with no obvious reason. Bibliography: Everything's Eventual : 14 Dark tales by Stephen King The Dark Tower Series By Stephen King Whats on the mind of Stephen King? - Paranormal - Combining two ideas into one Story - Combining his
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