Stephanie Giry's France And Its Muslims

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“France and Its Muslims,” by Stephanie Giry takes a hard look at France’s problems with her Muslim population. Due the current political climate throughout the Western World in regards to Muslims, it should come as no surprise that France feels that all problems from the poor is because they are immigrants and Islamic. France has the largest Muslim population in Europe at 4-5 million. France prides herself on egalitarianism and universal democratic culture. The French firmly believe in the separation of church and state, which has led to fear of organized religion influencing the actions of its people. When you combine this with the recent terrorist attacks blamed on fundamental Islamism the French have a distrust of their own Islamic citizens and immigrants. Many government officials who are also elitist within France fuel this distrust. What Giry is suggesting is that Islam has very little…show more content…
In fact they have left less of a cultural footprint on France than any group has that has settled in the U.S. The vast majority of these peoples not only want to assimilate they also want to live by the republican virtues that dominate France. Unfortunately, these people have experienced discrimination not unlike African Americans have and continue to experience in the U.S. As a group these people experience the highest unemployment rate throughout France. They also hold very few upper management or corporate positions. And nearly 50% of all prisoners within the French corrections system are from this group. This has led many elites and non-Muslim French to believe that it is Islam that causes this instead of looking at the true causes. In the 1980’s a nativist movement began by a political group called the National Front perpetuated the idea that Muslims and immigrants (considered by many to be one in the same) are lazy thieves. This has resulted in widespread
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