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Stem cells phenomena Is it possible to imagine our days to come without getting worried from a disease or illness? Are we going to able to find ways to cure degenerative or even terminal diseases? However, stem cell research’s main goal is to explore just that. For an example, someone called Christopher Reeve who is Paralyzed from the neck down as a result of a horse riding accident. He formed the “The Christopher Reeve foundation for a twofold purpose”. Initially, is to look for a cure for and assist people suffering from such paralysis conditions which can be psychologically and emotionally extremely depressive, just thinking about the loss of moving a limb makes me depressed. Second, is to supervise the search for cure and treatment through stem cell research. The example of Christopher Reeve is one upon many, many devastating stories that could have been prevented if stem cell research progressed to a level that is able to treat their condition. As we speak, stem cell research did not reach this level yet; it is only in its beginning stages of experimentation. And yet, it has effectively proved it’s ability to treat over 40 diseases. In order to explain how impactful stem cells are, and how they are giving us hope for a better future that feature’s a cure for terminal diseases; we have to explain what stem cells are and where can one get them. To begin with, Stem cells are the superior cells of our body, the main source of all cells and tissue, including brain, blood, heart, bones and muscles. One of it’s main characteristics is that stem cells have not taken a specific type of cell yet, they can be grown into almost any kind of other cell in the body so they can attempt to give more hope for medical advancement to innovate and progress. There are three main sources for obtaining stem cells - adult cells, cord cells, and embryonic

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