Stem Cell Research Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis: Stem Cells The main topic if this paper is the debate over stem cell research. The author has a personal connection with the topic because if his dying brother. The author establishes personal credibility, or ethos, by bring to light what his brother is going through and how he could be saved. The writer seems very knowledgeable on the topic because she clearly did a lot of research to support her opinion. By using quotes and facts that support her ideas the author sounds very credible. The writer is addressing why she thinks more should be done in stem cell research to help and maybe cure dying patients. She brings up how stem cells are harvested from embryos. The author actually draws a line at what point she believes the cells should not be harvested for an embryo. This makes the writer sound much more credible and knowledgeable about stem cells and not like someone that just wants to kill embryos for research. The intended audience for this paper would be the average person that would read her work. The author goes into great detail in explaining stem cells and how they could help save her brother. By doing this the paper is much more interesting for me, the average college student. Also I don’t have to have a previous knowledge of stem cells to understand what she is writing about. This connects to…show more content…
She clearly believes much more should be done in stem cell research to help people like her brother. The essay greatly appeals to emotions by how it is written and the scenario the author is dealing with. I particularly agree with the author when she used the argument of letting a father of five children die because scientists are to “afraid” to try to find a cure. The author is passionate about her argument and is easy to identify with. If I was in the same situation I would strongly believe in the same ideas she
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