Stem Cell Research Persuasive Essay

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There could potentially be something that can cure several common diseases. This is something that is not financially supported by the government. Embryonic stem cell research is something that can potentially cure things such as cancer, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, and muscle damage. Adult stem cell research is already being used, it is already curing blindness and some kinds of cancer. Stem cells have also been used for bone marrow transplants when bone marrow donation is not available. Although stem cell research is very costly at the same time it is very worth saving the lives of those who suffer from certain disease. In doing embryonic stem cell research the discarded embryos can be used to help mankind. Embryonic stem cell research should be…show more content…
Doctors make no use of the embryo. If embryonic stem cell research was legal the discarded embryo could be used to save lives. Although the life of the embryo not continued its cells can be used to help others live longer and healthier. It could be considered the faith of the embryo to help mankind in finding and creating the cure for many diseases. Politicians and other people fighting against embryonic stem cell research are saying that it would cost too much money to fund. Although this is true in that there are some things that may be more important for us to fund, wouldn’t stem cell research be worth it? There are so many diseases that it could potentially cure. There are several kinds of research going on now to cure other diseases that are costing just as much money, why not try one more thing. If there is potential to save several lives by doing research on one thing, why not do it. If embryonic stem cell research was legal and governmentally funded we could save many lives from many diseases such as cancer, diabetes and spinal injuries. Stem cells can be used to repair vision making more people able to work and possibly increasing our
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