Stem Cell Research Essay

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Anthony was born in 1994 and approximately four months later, he had been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. In 2000, he suffered a stroke. As unfortunate as this event often is, it turned out to be a lifesaver for Anthony and his family because the incident qualified him to participate in a research program offered at the Batson Children Cancer Clinic in Jackson, Missouri. Anthony’s family began to learn about the possibilities of curing sickle-cell disease with stem cells. After an expensive attempt of in vitro fertilization had failed, his parents decided on a leap of faith and tried have another child by traditional means that would be a perfect match for Anthony. September 20, 2004 came to be a miraculous day for Anthony and his family as they gave birth to another baby boy, Christopher. Immediately the family collected the umbilical cord blood and shipped it for storage. The blood test results came back a couple of weeks later. Not only did Christopher not have sickle cell disease, he was also a match for Anthony. In October 2005, Anthony was checked into the transplant unit at the University Medical Center in Jackson, Missouri. ViaCord delivered the blood, the transplant was performed, and everything went as planned. Today Anthony’s parents are grateful to be able to say that their son has been cured of sickle-cell disease thanks to stem cell research (Viacord). Stem cell research has brought in a major breakthrough in the field of medical research. Stem cells are an amazing biological discovery and their research should remain legal and governmentally funded because of its vast range of life-saving medical treatments as well its potential to find cures and breakthroughs for millions of people. Stem cell research, study of the mammalian stem cells to determine their uses in remedial measures for various health disorders, has become a largely

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