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Stem Cell Research Essay

  • Submitted by: jlva2004
  • on October 15, 2008
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Is creating to kill the right thing to do, or is it not?   Should we keep using innocent embryos for research that can help someone who is very ill or infected with a disease or cancer?   Well if you want my answer, it is “yes.”   I think it is good for scientists to do the proper research to help find cures for these problems us as human beings run into.
In order to find a cure for certain medical conditions specific procedures are needed to be performed.   As in this case it is stem cell research.   Some say that when this research is performed that we are taking the lives from few-days-old human embryos.   According to an article about pros and cons of embryonic stem cell research “Embryonic stem cells are thought by most scientists and researchers to hold potential cures for spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more.”   Some may ask why there is not a cure for some of these diseases already and one might answer that we need stem cell research in order for the cures to be discovered.
When the issue of stem cell research comes up the value of human life comes to question.   People ask, “If we are against murder, than why are we for stem cell research?”   Well, the answer to that question is taking cells from something that technically hasn’t even lived, isn’t murder.   For instance, taking an embryo and using it for research is useful, where as taking an embryo that has lived for about a month or two and having an abortion is more on the side of murder.   An article about stem cell research controversies said, “Until the primitive streak is formed, when the embryo attaches to the uterus at approximately 14 days after fertilization, a life has not been created.”
As stem cell research continues, there is assurance that cures will be found for a wide variety of medical conditions.   Think about it, if one’s loved one was at risk of death and that person had a choice to either cure themselves or just be done with life, the...

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