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Some Keys to Making a Steinway Chapter 1 Closing Case Lucy Abreu Broward College Abstract This essay will explain the management process of a Steinway grand piano. More specifically I will discuss in detail the elements of their subsystem, how the company uses the transformation process as inputs and outputs into the environment. Additionally, I will discuss the companies behavioral and operations principles as well as the contingency and universal perspective. The creation and components of a unique Steinway grand piano consists of numerous subsystems that systematically work together within a larger system. Since it’s inception the company has had a system in place while they assembled the grand piano paralleled to the essential departments that completed the entire process. According to what the vignette tells us without the financial department and their accuracy that ensures money is available and all the checks and balances are clear the company will not be able to provide the materials to build the pianos or more importantly pay the laborers to ensure production goes smoothly. The approximate cost for this finished product is anywhere from $45,000 upwards to $110,000. The cost of this piano weighs heavily on the financial department and they need to ensure that they provide the proper materials and the required labor to guarantee the promised quality product Steinway and Sons offers to the consumer. The marketing department will be the team that sells this one of a kind product. In my eyes this department has the easiest job since the reputation of a Steinway piano sells itself. Then you have the management department that will oversee all of the distinct departments and make certain that each one is running like a well-oiled machine. To safeguard that every department is running smoothly each subsystem will have managers that will keep their

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