Steinbeck's Nature

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English essay Steinbeck often uses nature to represent cdrtain events in his novel. He also relates the charakters or even the overall plot. This essay will make those relations easier to understand. One of the themes, to do ith nature, is how cadies dog imitates candy. They both are either“ crippled“ or „not able to take a step withou suffering“. This shows how close nature and human society are. In nature, if an animal ist too old or too weak, it either gets killed or it starves. In our „civilized“ society, if you are too old or too weak to work, u will get canned, which basically leads tot he same thing as it does in natiure. With that steinbeck wants to show how unfair our society can be. Another thing that can be found throughout the novel, is how the writer compares the main charakters to animals. Already in the begining of the book lennie, one of the 2 main charakters, gets compared to a horse, with the words: „ one was dragging his arms next to his body like bear drags his paws“. With this, steinbeck wants to show that lennie doesn’t have full control over his body. He doesn’t care about his arm and that’s why they are hanging next to him. It coul also show lennies extreme strenght, which i soften decribed later on in the novel. In another part of the book, the autho decribes lennies innocence. He does it like shown. After George says to Lennie,: „Trouble with mice is you always kill 'em. ” Lennie answers to that: „but i don’t wanna kill’em, George.“ This show that lennie again, doesn’t have control about what he’s doing with all his force. He doesn’t want to kill the mice, but he isn’t aware of his force, so he always breaks their necks. Another way how steinbeck relates to nature in his novel is by Georges and Lennies dream. When they speak about their future, they often say things like: “We could live offa the fatta the lan'.” This shows how
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