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Effect of Local Steel Slag as a Coarse Aggregate on Properties of Fly Ash Based-Geopolymer Concrete O. M. Omar, A. M. Heniegal, G. D. Abd Elhameed, H. A. Mohamadien Abstract—Local steel slag is produced as a by-product during the oxidation of steel pellets in an electric arc furnace. Using local steel slag waste as a hundred substitutes of crushed stone in construction materials would resolve the environmental problems caused by the large-scale depletion of the natural sources of dolomite. This paper reports the experimental study to investigate the influence of a hundred replacement of dolomite as a coarse aggregate with local steel slag, on the fresh and hardened geopolymer concrete properties. The investigation includes traditional testing…show more content…
The contribution of ordinary Portland cement production worldwide to greenhouse gas emissions is estimated to be approximately 1.35 billion tons annually [2]. To keep the global environment safe from the consequence of cement production, it is essential to explore the alternative materials that can completely or partially eliminate the use of cement in concrete and cause no environmental destruction [3]. Geopolymers are formed when various alumina and silica containing materials react under highly alkaline conditions and forms a three dimensional network of Si–O–Al–O bonds [4]. The most commonly used raw materials for geopolymers are clay and metakaolin [5]. Electric arc furnace steel slag is an industrial by-product obtained from the steel manufacturing industry during melting of steel scrap from the impurities and fluxing agents. Electric arc furnace steel slag is obtained by cooling the electric arc furnace steel liquid slag in air at production site, [18]. The composition of slag varies upon the type of furnace and charge, the desired grade of steel purity and the furnace operation conditions, [6]. Steel making process in electric arc furnaces generates up to 15 % of slag per ton of steel, which is, based on its properties, classified as nonhazardous waste. Major components of steel mill slag include Ca-silicates,…show more content…
Because the chemical reaction that takes place in this case is a polymerization process. Geopolymers are members of the family of inorganic polymers. The chemical composition of the geopolymer material is similar to natural zeolitic materials, but the microstructure is amorphous. The polymerization process involves a substantially fast chemical reaction under alkaline condition on Si-Al minerals, that results in a three-dimensional polymeric chain and ring structure consisting of Si-O-Al-O

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