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For my second concert report I went to the Steel Jazz '09 concert at Reid Park. It was put together by Tucson Magnet High School. It was held on May 6th, at seven pm. The preshow band was Monteray. They were this year's Battle Of The Band winners. The main show was the Beginer, Intermediate, and Advanced Steel Drum Bands from Tucson Magnet High School. Monteray's timbre was a mix of rock and ska. They had a guitarist/singer, a bassist, a drummer, and a horn section. In the horn section was two trumpets, a trombone, and a saxophone. The horn section didn't play in every song though. The songs they didn't play in sound more rock oriented and the one's they did play sounded more ska oriented. The Beginer Steel Drum Band started off, then the Intermediate Steel Drum Band took over. The last was the Advanced Steel Drum Band. Playing with all three school bands was a group of horns called Max Mercury And The Monsoons. The horn section gave the band a ska feel to it which sounded great. There was no intermission between bands, they flowed together seamlessly. I didn't like Monteray, I thought they were kind of boring. All Their songs sounded the same and the music was just average. There was nothing special about them which made them not stand out from other bands. I thought all three high school bands did a great job though. I enjoyed it. The Steel Drum Band played songs they wrote themselves as well as famous songs. I thought it was interesting to hear the famous songs played by a steel drum band. It gave the songs an island feel to them. One famous song they played was Amber by 311. I liked that because 311 is a ska band and ska is my favorite music. The song I like best by Montreay was Oo Ah. They involved the crowd by making the chorus a

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