Steam Cell Research Essay

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Taha Nadeem Khan Ms. Ybarra English IICP 19 Nov. 2010 Stem Cell Research Stem cells were originally discovered in 1908 by a Russian histologist named Alexander Maksimov, but only about a decade ago embryonic stem cells were used. In 2001, George Bush, then president of the United States, started limited federal funding for stem cell research. But controversy surrounds stem cell research as this is immoral. Should stem cell research be allowed or not? Opposers say that it harms humans, while supporters say that stem research could prove useful, it just needs time as any other discovery needs time. According to stem cell researchers, the potential benefits of stem cells are alot. Supporters say time and financial aid is needed to perfect the stem cell therapies, “To date, no one has been cured by embryonic stem cells, but supporters say that as with any new technique, time is needed to perfect cures, before they can be used on people” (Marzilli 47). In August 2001, President George Bush, established a new policy in which he allows federal funding for stem cell research. The stem cell lines for research are less than expected which also limits the research because of additional fees charged, researchers are not able to share the stem cells. Adult stem cells have cured many people in the past, but don't hold the same promise as embryonic stem cells, because, “Embryonic stem cells are more versatile, with the ability to generate more types of cells and tissues” (Marzilli 39). Embryonic stem cells do not need a DNA match to cure a person, which was a result of a lab test. With adult stem cells being able to cure spinal cord injuries, it would be a valid thought that embryonic stem cells will be able to do much more as they don't need to match a person's DNA. Embryonic stem cells have a lot of potential benefits, currently all of them are not true of what they can

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