Steal My Jordan And Rdquo Analysis

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Shynnah Monge Essay 2 Draft 3 7 October 2009 Please Don’t Steal My Jordan’s: Wealth and it Discontents Amy Clark Education is the Way Miss Moore in “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara is a black woman who tries to give back to her community. Miss Moore went to college and feels that it is her responsibility to educate the children. She plans things for the children to do and takes them on trips. Miss Moore wants the children to realize that education and hard work is how one can be successful in life. Miss Moore wants the children to realize that education is how one can be successful in life so she encourages one of the characters, Ronald [Big Butt] to talk about the microscope he seen when going into the store. Bambara states “whatcha gonna do with a microscope, fool? states Rosie Giraffe. “Look at things.” “Like what, Ronald? Ask Miss Moore.”(3) Miss Moore is trying to show Ronald a glimpse of his future and how a learning instrument can make a big different in someone’s life. Miss Moore knows that Sylvia is smart, but she tries to hide it from her friends so that they would not laugh at her. Sylvia states “but aint…show more content…
When Miss Moore takes the children to the toy store they see a paperweight and children start to talk about it, Miss Moore tells them that a paperweight is to keep the desk clean. The children talk amongst themselves and discuss how they do not have desks in there homes. Mercedes states “I do, I have a box of stationary on my desk and a picture of my cat.”(The lesson) Miss Moore talks to them about having a desk at home where they can study and she also hopes that the children will learn to think ahead and study
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