Staying True to Our Core Values Is the Best Way to Deal with Conflict Essay

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Statement of intention This persuasive/expository essay is designed to be read by the year 12 students who share the same view as the issue of conflict. It explores the idea that conflict is an opportunity in the context of people between the weak and strong, relationships, and among two nations. This piece is designed to persuade and after apprehending it the audience should understand that conflict presents the opportunity for both growth and a furthering of the concept itself. It has the ideal of being able to notice patterns which cause conflict, rediscover motives and personal morals while setting measures into place to avoid them in the future. All can work in and on future notions regarding efficiency due to their competitive nature, however under particular sensitive circumstances conflict can also stimulate a passion for an irregular competitiveness, categorised by illogical and spiteful behaviour. This idea connects with the context we’re studying “The Rug maker” the memoir of living with conflict and enduring its far reaching consequences. The Main protagonist Najaf explores his way of resolving conflict, by turning conflict in to positive outlook on his life and never letting it turn into conflict. His overwhelmed by happiness and appreciation of the seemingly impossible things that have happened, Najaf thanks god for his good fortune and promises to remember and honour those Afghanis who were not able to survive the country’s violence conflicts. This piece is written in a simplistic form, for students to understand the piece clearly and undemanding. Following by, the majority part of the piece uses generalisation to imply to prompt directly for audience to accept it as true of the idea or statement that has been put in the piece. While the primary aim is to persuade, the piece establishes with a clear contention from the beginning implying that

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