Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes Essay

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Motivating Males to Read Middle School Teacher’s Guide ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Using Tradebooks in the Classroom By Alice Mikos ©2007 Use this guide to help you meet the challenge of motivating reluctant male readers. The independent reading level of some books included in this list is not matched to the student’s grade level. Your use of these books in class validates them to below grade level, reluctant readers. Boys who may have previously felt some books are too elementary for them (due to the picture book format) will be encouraged to read these books because you use them. Additionally, picture books are included because they serve as models of “well-written, language-rich text.” Washington State’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction encourages such models to be read aloud to students throughout all grade levels, especially books written from a multicultural perspective. Ideally, these lessons are targeted to connect to middle school curricula, essential academic learning requirements for Washington, and specifically selected Grade Level Expectations. Some lessons may easily be adapted to advanced elementary students or struggling high school students. Ideas are meant to provide you a great deal of latitude in selection, adaptation, and enhancement. A few books are out of print but can be easily secured from local libraries or purchased used. ENJOY! Borden, Louise. Illus. Michael Foreman. The Little Ships: The Heroic Rescue at Dunkirk in World War II. NewYork: Aladdin, 2003. Category Picture Book; Nonfiction Target Grade 8 AR Book Level/Points 4.5 / .5 pts. WA State EALR’s Reading 3.4.2 Analyze traditional and contemporary literature written in a variety of genres. 2.3.3 Evaluate the author’s use of literary devices to enhance

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