Stay At Home Mom Vs. Career Mom Essay

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Is a stay at home mom better than a working one? After reading "Moms vs. Moms" it is evident that there is a lot of tension between working moms and stay at home moms. Some people might say that kids who are raised by a stay at home mom can have a stronger bond and get along better with their mother, however that is not the case because it all depends on how their mother treats them overall. A child who is raised by a working mom do not have a disadvantage because their mom can be a role model to them. A working mom can be more financially stable than a stay at home mom, too. A mother who works can be a great role model to her children. By being a role model to her children, she is teaching them how to be independent and work for themselves wether it be in school or in every day life. By teaching their children to be more independent, the child will know how to hold things down for his or her self. This will eventually help the child in their future, and the kid will be able to make their own desicions with confidence. A mom with a career can also be a role model to her kids by motivating them to reach their full potential. By letting kids know that it's alright to have a career and be successful they will strive to do better at school and even at everything they do to be successful like their mother. Because kis will be motivated by their working mom, their future will be brighter and they can pass on the motivation they got from their mother to their own kids. By being a role model, the mother can help her kids achieve more goals and be more successful, just as she can too by being financially stable. A woman with a career can be financially stable. By this she will be able to help their kids with extra money. By providing more money to her child, the kid will be able to join more activities and be provided with materialistic things. By doing so, the child

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