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Stay at Home Dads Essay

  • Submitted by: mlite23
  • on August 3, 2012
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Stay at Home Dad’s
Being a stay at home dad is just the same as the mother staying at home. They have the same exact responsibilities as if it were the mother staying at home. Really, the only difference is for example is, determining on whether or not if they are going to breastfeed their child. I think that it’s a major factor that has been decided before they make their decision. Being a stay at home dad’ can be very difficult especially if this will be the first time having a baby. What is to be expected from both of the parties can be very demanding on both. There are many disadvantages and advantages to being a stay at home dad, not only having to deal with responsibilities’ but the work that needs to be done.
I think that this is the hardest part for them both; they will be making that decision based on who will be staying home and who will be bringing home the money for the family.   Many stay at home dads also deal with the criticism that many may think a househusband is not manly. Although, that many people may think that it is unmanly for the husband to stay at home with the children this decision has benefited both as it did the children in the future.
The responsibilities of the father are just the same as if it were the mother staying home. The children are to be taken care of, fed, changed, laundry done, and the house clean. There are many things that have to be done in a day’s work.
There are advantages and disadvantages of being a stay at home dad. A disadvantage for the father would be on how they will experience what women do every day. Staying home with the children and making sure that everything is done to satisfactory for that day. Making sure that the kids are fed, taken to school, if there is homework that needs to be done and making sure that they get to their after school activities. Although, many may think that anyone can do this, many may not. Countless, stay at home dads are experiencing this first hand and possibly for the very...

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