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Assignment - Task 2 The type of business we are running is a partnership that specialises in making the best souvlaki in tow but because we like to be of service to the people we don't actually run a store as such, we save people the time and effort of having to jump in their cars to head on over to our store, instead we deliver our tasty lamb, chicken or pork souvlakia to anybody who is in desperate need of a souvlaki from Stavro & Steve's Souvlakia. We preferred to start out as a partnership to enter the world of business instead of going in alone due to the fact that two minds are better than one, of course we will have our disagreements every now and again but Stavro and Steve will always rise above all that because in the end we do what our customers demand for as pleasing our customers is our number one priority and we do that by supplying our beautiful souvlakia that everybody craves to feast upon when they're feeling hungry. We didn't choose to start any of the other types of businesses because we were frightened of entering into the scary world of business all alone and also we agreed that making the best souvlakia in town and watching all that capital come rolling in is an experience for two people and not just one. 3. So many of us convicts arrived on the boats in the 50s and 60s for a new life, it was an experience you could never forget and with Stavros and Steve Souvlakia you will take one bite out of the souvlaki and it will feel like you are experiencing a brand new life with opportunities and freedom. The reason we will start this business is because in the village we made souvlakia all the time it was really rewarding knowing that people are enjoying your pride and joy, we are our own boss of a business that we enjoy running and hopefully our small idea will become a big dream. Walking through Oakleigh, there is a real sense of Greece,

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