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Are you still pondering where to go on vacation? Staunton, Virginia is a historical district with many family-oriented activities. The whole family can participate in hiking, fishing, swimming, and just some old-fashioned fun. Maybe you’ll try bicycling through Gypsy Hill Park or experience a geocaching adventure. All you need is a mobile GPS, and a group of fun-loving people. Augusta County has more acres of national forests than any other county in Virginia. During your visit, I would also recommend to any group to experience our spectacular recreational park, the wholesome skate ring, and the tremendous bowling alley. Gypsy Hill Park is a sprawling, 214-acre park filled with activities for the whole family. If you visit during the summer, the first activity you should try is fishing at Tam’s Lake. The lake is good -sized and surrounded by grassy areas for relaxing, playing Frisbee, and running around for any ages. Many locals enjoy fishing with their loved ones and afterwards having a cookout at the grills and picnic tables that have been provided by the city. Many of the picnic areas are near the playground. This is very convenient considering little ones do not like to sit still while the adults are cooking. Children can go play with the other kids while the adults can still keep their eyes on them. If you are looking for more active recreation, there is a sand pit for playing volleyball, a fenced in basketball court, and several baseball fields. Overall, Gypsy Hill Park has many activities within it that all age groups can enjoy. Skatetown USA has an environment of fun for all age groups. Just in case this is your first time at a skate rink, or you do not own a pair of skates, there is an option to rent a pair of skates at a low cost. Once you put your skates on, it is time to jump out onto the rink and experience the ultimate skating session. All skate

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