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Sampling and Data Collection Plan Jeremy Loomis QNT/561 February 9, 2015 Heidi Carty Sampling and Data Collection Plan Research Introduction Individuals are choosing computers on the market today have two major choices; Mac or IBM based operating system. Now that individuals are more connected than ever the choice is more important based on price and correlation of sales. We would like to know if individuals want ease of use with mainstream computer purchase or advanced technology at a premium price. Consumers are looking for computers that are more versatile, affordable for upgrades, as well as longevity. After reviewing the research information, the choice of computers requires a shift to price and correlation of sales based on the advanced technology in the marketplace. Targeted groups in research groups are a sampled size of individuals that researchers draw the conclusions. The research conducted by Kiwi, Inc., has found the importance of brand recognition in an ever-changing industry. Kiwi introduces a new product or services on a near annual basis from one the different lines of products available, which ensures the constant forward motion of the company in the technology market. A significant portion of the price and correlation of sales in a high technology market is the placement of product in the correct business’ for which consumers frequent for potential purchase of computers. Kiwi’s average user age is 18-34 while those age 35-49 drop to (63%) with the median income of $52,500 with 77% of consumers being adolescents compared with 28% making more than $75,000. The primary target audience of Kiwi products aims at youth from 18-34 with family or attending college to increase sales. This target audience will have the greatest impact on advancing technology and increasing sales of the company. Sample Size Confidence intervals must use an

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