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The concept of force is one of the basic concepts of the statics. Experience has shown that the effects of the force on the known objects are determined by: the size of the force (i.e., the strength of the force); direction of the force; point of force. Usually refer to them as the three elements of the force. The three elements of the force can use a vector representation to the line segment. Where the equal and opposite and the line of action is not a straight line of the two forces called couple, it is a free vector, and its size is the force multiplied by the distance between the line of action of the second force, i.e. the direction of the arm, by the right hand screw rule identify and perpendicular to the plane formed by the two force. Force acts on the effect of the object into outer effects and within effects. The outer effect refers to the force of the entire object changes the movement of the external frame of reference; within effect refers to the force of each part of the object within the change between each other. Rigid body and you do not have to consider the internal effect. Statics study only the most simple movement that balance. If two of the force system, respectively rigid body produced by the outer effect of the same role, the two force system is said to force lines. If Yili equivalent with another system of forces, this force is called the resultant force of this force system. Statics few axioms based reasoning out. These axioms is a summary of the force of the knowledge accumulated by mankind in the long-term production practice, it reflects the most simple and most basic attributes of the force acting on a rigid body, these axioms correctness of experiments to verify but not with the basic principle to prove. Statics in two ways: a geometric method, called geometric statics or elementary statics; another analysis method, called analytical

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