Static Research Essay

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Identity fraud is a big business today. The total amount of the fraud in 2006 was $56.6 billion. The average amount of the fraud for a victim is $6383, and the average time to correct the problem is 40 hours. The ways in which a person’s identity can be stolen are presented in the following table: Lost or stolen wallet, checkbook, or credit card 38% Friends, acquaintances 15 Corrupt business employees 15 Computer viruses and hackers 9 Stolen mail or fraudulent change of address 8 Online purchases or transactions 4 Other methods 11 Source: Javelin Strategy & Research; Council of Better Business Bureau, Inc. Looking at the numbers presented in a table does not have the same impact as presenting numbers in a well-drawn chart or graph. The article did not include any graphs. This chapter will show you how to construct appropriate graphs to represent data and help you to get your point across to your audience. See Statistics Today—Revisited at the end of the chapter for some suggestions on how to represent the data graphically. When conducting a statistical study, the researcher must gather data for the particular variable under study. For example, if a researcher wishes to study the number of people who were bitten by poisonous snakes in a specific geographic area over the past several years, he or she has to gather the data from various doctors, hospitals, or health departments. To describe situations, draw conclusions, or make inferences about events, the researcher must organize the data in some meaningful way. The most convenient method of organizing data is to construct a frequency distribution. After organizing the data, the researcher must present them so they can be understood by those who will benefit from reading the study. The most useful method of presenting the data is by constructing statistical charts and graphs. There are many
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