Static Elecricity Essay

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There are good conductors such as metal that allow electrical charge to pass through them. Insulators such as plastic do not. Substances that gain electrons become negatively charged however substances that lose electrons become positively charged. Objects can be positively charged, negatively charged or neutral (have no change) When objects get charged they either become closer to an object or they repel from an object I.E. not moving towards the object. When charges are the same they repel When charges are opposite they attract When one is charged and the other is not they attract to one another An atom is made up from two different parts one which is positively charged (the nucleus) which is then surrounded by negatively charged electrons. When it comes to an on changed atom the amount of positively charged and negatively charges are the same. A person can get an electric shock if they are electrically charged and they either touch something earthed or something else which is charged. There are some types of dangerous static and these are when electricity builds up in clouds causing a huge spark between the sky and the ground causing lighting, which is a flow of charge threw the atmosphere Another example of dangerous static electricity is when inflammable gases or vapours. A spark ignites the gases causing an explosion. Uses of static electricity are when paramedics use a defibrillator to restart your heart when it stops. The defibrillator works by using two insulated handles which are charged from a high voltage supply. Then they are put on the patient’s chest, to make sure no one else gets the shock they have insulated handles. Smoke is produced when fossil fuels burn.. To remove these particles from the waste gases an electrostatic precipitator is used. The stages to this process are: Smoke particles pick up a negative charge Smoke

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