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Literal or Metaphorical? A metaphor is a figure of speech in which words are used to indicate something different from its literal meaning. It is an implied simile. It, does not, like the simile, state that the thing is like another or acts as another, but takes that for granted and proceeds as if the two things were one. Metaphor means borrowing. It is a figure of speech in which a word loses its literal meaning and borrows a new one. It is an unstated comparison, where the object compared is identical to the object of comparison. A metaphor has a double meaning; two concepts come to mind instead of just one, and both have some resemblance and unity. In other words a metaphor means the use of a word in a figurative sense in such a manner that the relationship of resemblance between the real and the figurative meaning is maintained, but the resemblance is not stated. The meaning of words is expanded through similes and metaphors. A metaphor creates two concepts instead of one, but both have similarity and unity in them. A metaphor is an effective means of expression and the creation of meaning. According to Chris Baldick, a metaphor is “the most important and widespread figure of speech in which one thing, idea, or action is referred to by a word or expression normally denoting another thing, idea or action, so as to suggest some common quality shared by the two. In metaphor, this resemblance is assumed as an imaginary identity rather than directly stated as a comparison; referring to a man as ‘that pig’ or saying, ‘he is a pig’ is metaphorical, whereas ‘he is like a pig’ is a simile.”1 Thus when we say, “He fought like a lion”, we use a simile, but when we say “He was a lion in the fight” we use a metaphor. Every simile can be compressed into a metaphor and every metaphor can be expanded into a simile. The Qur’an has used metaphors to convey its message.

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